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Customer Endorsements

Endorsement from a Wi-Ex (Cell Booster) Dealer

Burnt Lake Co-Op Gas (in Spruce View, AB) required a replacement booster system for their office in town. In the building, there was -100 dBm of PCS service riding in the high 800MHz band and their current system was amplifying IDEN signal for their Mike phones. With a panel antenna and Iden system already installed on a DMX tower outside; I was asked to offer a solution for their iPhone and Android capable phones.

To help understand the situation, I conveniently logged into Canada Cellular Services. By entering "Spruce Vi", the Windows XP and 8 machines were both able to display a quick link taking my navigation reticule to the village onscreen. Clicking "Closest Cell sites" brought a webpage up with a Latitude and Longitude of 52.08669, -114.31427). Clicking through drop down window of 20 sites showed a detailed list of towers in the area.

I found the topographical graph (with the elevation) very useful in determining the height at which an antenna should be placed on the DMX tower. For companies that offer booster and tower solutions, the website seems very helpful in determining any extra requirements or parts for the installation. It helps in determining any height requirements and inclinations for placing an antenna. In addition, it can potentially avoid onsite visits and consultation. I was able to inform the customer about the type of signals we can amplify at their office and the costs involved to install a booster product.

It was helpful to know the type of antenna system the cellular tower is equipped with. Some customers are very interested in receiving LTE signals when just outside of our city. By knowing the orientation of the dipoles, we are able to tell (with more accuracy) the strength of antenna required. In the future, I am certain carriers would be interested in having installers update information on the website such as:

With the website, I was able to determine that a YX545 SOHO system would be adequate for their needs. The YX545 system was installed a few days later and the customer is now enjoying -77dBM PCS service throughout the office. Canada Cellular Services should become part of the installers tool box when planning an installation. Thank you for offering us a site to help us navigate around the elusive signals out here in Alberta. It is a great cost saving benefit of being a Wi-Ex dealer.