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Thursday, 2021-Jun-10 — Fresnel Colors

Green Fresnel tube with Red Line-of-sight
Green Fresnel zone with red line of sight
Want to change the color of the Fresnel zone or Line-of-sight, as created by the Find Best terrain analysis tool?

To start, click the blue Account button at the top of the map.

At the bottom of the Account & Subscription Info window, click the color patches to adjust the colors of the Fresnel tube and Line-of-sight (LoS).

Find Best terrain analysis will now create Fresnel zones with the colors you chose.
Fresnel color picker

Tuesday, 2021-Jun-01 — Export Site Channels to Excel / CSV

The left photo shows channels from a co-lo site. To its right are these same channels viewed in Excel.
Site Channels
List of site channels for a cell site
Same Channels (exported to Excel)
List of site channels, exported as a CSV file and viewed in Excel

Want to analyze site channels in Excel or share their details with an associate?

To start, click a site's icon on the map, then click the Export tab. At the bottom, click EXPORT site's channels to a CSV file.

A CSV file will download to your computer. Open this file in Excel to see details for all channels for that site. Or, drop this file in an email, to share these details with an associate. (Australia Cellular Services also exports links to ACMA Registration / Assignment Details such as horizontal radiated power patterns.)
Export CSV dialog box showing link to click to download channels in CSV format

Monday, 2021-May-31 — 5G in Australia — Telstra 4,391, Optus 1,495 Sites

This table shows the growth of the Telstra 5G network across Australia, starting in May 2019:

 # Telstra 5G Sites
Adelaide46 47 57 60 67 73 73118118335340340
Canberra38 38 41 44 45 48 48 48 48110122123
Gold Coast54 62 66 72 72 71 71 83 83120125127
Hobart16 21 34 35 36 36 36 36 36444747
Launceston 7 9 10 10 11 11 11 11 11474747
Melbourne52 52 952003703874094354819991,0261,035
Perth43 49 67 70 85 92 92106106326348352
Sydney64 75 851382382562703003471,0851,0781,153
Toowoomba 25 25 26 26 26 26 26 26 26313130
Other - 35 73112133139139140142569624599

You can see Telstra or Optus 5G sites, Telstra IoT and more at Australia Cellular Services.

Monday, 2021-Mar-01 — 5G in Australia — Telstra 4,323, Optus 1,316 Sites

Look here for the most recent 5G statistics.

Monday, 2021-Feb-08 — Is Canada Behind on 5G?

Australia and Canada have many similarities. One area where they differ is 5G wireless deployment, where Telstra & Optus, Australia's largest carriers, operate 4X more 5G sites than Canada, on a more capacious 3,500MHz band.

But, does this put Canada at a disadvantage? Yes and no — but not how you might think. As Huwaei's chairman said, there is currently no material difference between 4G and 5G technology. Industry and government excitement around 5G is not a sign of its utility — there are few business cases for 5G that cannot be served by an optimized 4G network.

Canada is behind — not in technology — but in plan value. Australia's plans (see right) offer much higher caps at lower prices. Canada's wireless networks are like a tuned Ferrari — with a 1 liter fuel tank.

High Capacity Data + Voice Plans
Carrier CAD Capacity$ / GB
Optus $64 500 GB $0.13
Telstra $64 180 GB $0.36
Rogers $175100 GB $1.75
Telus $10050 GB $2.00
Bell $12550 GB $2.50
Videotron$75 32 GB $2.34
Freedom $90 30 GB $3.00
SaskTel $12035 GB $3.43

Thursday, 2021-Feb-04 — Rogers 5G @ 600MHz

Rogers operates 1,062 5G sites in the 600MHz band, and 575 5G sites in the 2500MHz band. This brings Rogers' total to 1,447 5G sites. (Some 5G sites use both 600 and 2500MHz bands.)

Rogers invested heavily in the 600MHz auction receiving licenses that can serve 35 of Canada's 38 million population. Freedom, Telus and Videotron invested less, receiving licenses that can serve 22, 20 and 10 million, respectively.

 # Rogers 5G Sites
British Columbia304150
New Brunswick18-

The 600MHz band has seven paired 5Mhz blocks, labeled A - G. (See band plan below, which is identical to that used by the FCC). Rogers uses blocks A through D allocated as follows:

Blocks (DownlinkBandwidth#
and Uplink)(MHz)Channels
A, B102,282
A, B, C, D20880

Band plan for 600Mhz
Band plan for 600MHz cellular service

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