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Loxcel Brewery Sales Map — Visualize your sales data

A successful craft brewery relies on four simple ingredients: water, malt, hops & yeast.

We'd like you to consider a fifth ingredient: Retail Sales Data.

Loxcel Brewery Sales Map is a fresh, new way to look at and analyze your sales, shipment & inventory data at over 450+ Beer Stores across Ontario. Its easy-to-use Google Maps interface lets staff in the office or out in the field dig down and see what's going on at the store, regional or provincial level. And if you must, you can export your data to Excel, for further analysis.

Sell Smarter

Beer retailing in Ontario is changing to benefit all craft breweries. This means more opportunities — and more competition.

The typical craft brewery is swamped with operations & logistics, leaving little time for sales analysis. True competition will challenge all breweries to sell smarter — to make better use of information about what's selling, where it's selling and when it's selling.

Loxcel Brewery Sales Map makes it easy for anyone at your brewery to visualize sales, at the store, city, region & province, and compare month-to-month & year-over-year.

Loxcel Brewery Sales Map unlocks The Beer Store sales data

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